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Earth explorers

We are constantly on the look out for talented craftsmen, unique products and beautiful places.

Due to our line of work being handpicked and hamdmade – we may not be able to source the exact items time and time again, If that is the case we will always find something similar to source.

Pricing is also subject to change without prior notice as we deal with natural material and a variety of craftsmen so set pricing is just not possible. We do however try and keep prices the same or similar on our items advertised on this site.

Earth explorers is all about finding amazing gems that Africa and the Indian Ocean have hidden away. We have visited many lodges in Southern and East Africa and stay on top of trends. We constantly have our eyes peeled on new and exciting products that we can deliver straight to you


We are always coming up with new ideas for beautiful pieces of furniture. One of our favourite parts of the business is making your ideas come to life. Have you been thinking of a piece of furniture that would fit in so well with your decor but don’t have the means to make it? Or have you got a space where you just can’t seem to find anything that’s the right fit? Our woodwork angels can make anything come to life. We are all about pushing creative boundaries and making show pieces that our unique to us! Please send us your ideas so look forward to working with you.